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Best Marijuana Stocks for Investment in Canada

  • Aurora Cannabis. With the potential to breakthrough $300 million in total sales next year, Aurora Cannabis is a Wall Street prime pick. This figure also contains a revenue of $110 million worth of total annual sales care of CanniMed Therapeutics, which has been acquired by Aurora Cannabis back in January for the cool amount of $852 million – currently the most expensive acquisition cost of all time. This move allowed Aurora the enjoy the transfer of 20,000 medical patients from CanniMed’s roster as well as a funded capacity worth 19,000 kilograms. Next year, we will likely see Aurora Cannabis hitting the 240,000-270,000-kilogram cannabis mark, which also includes over 100,000 kilograms from the Aurora Sky state of the art facility and its partnership venture with Denmark-based company Aurora Nordic that is expected to generate an additional 120,000 kilograms annually.
  • Canopy Growth Corp. Coming in at second is the wildcard, with a brave $393 million sales projection from Wall Street analysts. Of course, this will largely depend on a number of conditions that will steer the company into this direction of being second in the best marijuana stocks 2018. Things look hopeful though, what with its greenhouse facilities spanning 3.7 million sq. ft. in British Columbia. It also has numerous well-known brands, lots of retail locations, and so many distribution partners that help it gain a significant advantage over others.
  • Third in the roster of best marijuana stocks 2018 is Aphria, which is looking to generate around 230,000 kilograms worth of cannabis next year in a dispensary in Saskatchewan and many other locations. Its flagship project is a carefully-structured four-phase one, with a $100 million budget that aims to generate at least 100,000 kilograms on an annual basis. It also has a venture with partner Double Diamond Farms with the goal of producing 120,000 kilograms each year. Aphria also acquired Broken Coast Cannabis so as to rake in yet 10,500 kilograms more. The total amount for these aggressive actions is valued at around $146 million worth of sales next year.
  • Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp. Touted as yet another wildcard, this royalty stock that’s based on weed has yet to make some sales estimates from wall Street. What’s different with Cannabis Wheaton is that somehow acts as a silent partner rather than the usual greenhouse building and maintenance we’ve seen other players make. Cannabis Wheaton takes care of up-front capital for small-to large-scale growers that wish to expand so they can aim to be well-stocked in a dispensary in Alberta, among others. They receive a percentage that’s below market cost, and then Cannabis Wheaton retails their product at the market rate, profiting from the difference. Cannabis Wheaton estimates around 230,000 kilograms of marijuana to be sold in different markets (including many a dispensary in Saskatchewan) in 2019.
  • And finally, you have MedReleaf. This company is expected to create around $119 million worth of annual marijuana sales. The company went public last year and used its IPO proceeds to fund its expansion ventures in Ontario (but you can bet their products will roll out everywhere, including a dispensary in Alberta), which is expected to generate returns next year. Once it is complete, the company will have 210,000 square feet as grow space – big enough to displace its current flagship in Markham. Compared to its peers, MedReleaf doesn’t sell as much dried cannabis but has made impressive investments in the oils and extracts side of the business – popular product variations which you will find in a dispensary in Saskatchewan. Before the beginning of last year, MedReleaf dominated as much as 45% of the entire Canadian cannabis oils market. While new entrants have made themselves known in the market, you can still bet on MedReleaf to stay as a powerhouse in the oils niche market with higher-priced, higher-quality products – which will only yield higher margins for them to enjoy.
    Now that you know which marijuana stocks to invest in this year, you will have more confidence in knowing that your money – and your love for cannabis – will be working hard to give you returns that you know will be worth it!]]>

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