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Canada Legalizes Marijuana with Senate Bill C-45

th, 2018, Canada’s Senate voted in favor of marijuana legalization with a 56-30 majority vote. Legal sales are set to begin nationwide on October 17th of this year. It’s no surprise that marijuana stocks surged the following day. With this great change, we’re excited for what that means for our future as an online dispensary in Canada. Canada’s Senate was one of the final obstacles standing in the way of this great advance. But, in mid-June, we overcame that obstacle as a nation. Now, we are on the road to positive change in the world of medicine. There are still amendments that need to be considered by the House of Commons. But, the in-favor vote cleared a major hurdle in the fight to legalize national use of marijuana.

Senate Bill C-45 “The Cannabis Act”

Our excitement about the passing of Senate Bill C-45 “The Cannabis Act” isn’t solely influenced by the fact that we are a popular dispensary in Canada. One of the great advantages of being able to deliver medical marijuana to our patients is the ability to witness the medical change it sparks in their lives. There are so many health benefits of marijuana. And, we have seen first hand how medicinal marijuana can greatly improve the lives of those suffering many common illnesses. Those who do not support the use of marijuana have expressed their disappointment with the passing of Senate Bill C-45. But, the 13 rejected amendments of the Bill C-45 help keep greater control on its uses, distribution, and other legal aspects of using the drug. For example, Bill C-45 regulates who will be able to legally produce and sell recreational cannabis and its products. This is important for our dispensary in Canada because it gives us the ability to ensure quality, safe marijuana distribution to patients. Other examples of some of the control the rejected amendments offer is restrictions on advertising for cannabis companies and open use restrictions. For our patients who buy weed online Edmenton, those who use our online dispensary in Quebec, and all our patients who take advantage of our dispensary in Canada, the legalization of Senate Bill C-45 means better health. Legalizing marijuana in Canada is more than just a political victory. While it opens the door for more recreational use, there are many patients who just haven’t felt comfortable opening up to medical providers about their ailments. This limits the amount of patients we can positively impact through medical marijuana distribution.

What Does Legalization Mean for Our Dispensary in Canada?

Of course, the legalization of marijuana in Canada will have a positive impact on our overall business. But, our business is more than just a way to make a living. We truly believe in the healthy outcomes that are produced with the use of marijuana to heal both physical and mental disease. As we lift the limits of marijuana use, we open the door to additional research and an answer to many of the biggest questions about the true impact of medicinal marijuana. While there are many areas of use where research needs to be conducted for us to know the true impact of marijuana use, there are some health benefits that can be scientifically proven through medicinal marijuana. As a dispensary in Canada, we work hard to continually educate ourselves on the advances in marijuana research, uses, and effects. We look forward to continued education and research and keep the doors open to new ways to deliver to our patients.

Health Effects of Medicinal Marijuana

What we do know is that the health effects of medicinal marijuana include:

  • Treatment for chronic pain
  • Reduction of muscle spasms
  • Improved lung capacity
  • Treatment of glaucoma
  • Control of epileptic seizures
  • Decreased symptoms of Dravet’s Syndrome, a severe seizure disorder
  • Prevention of the spreading of cancer
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s
  • Ease of pain from multiple sclerosis
  • Lowered side effects and increased effectiveness of Hepatitis C treatment
  • Help with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Arthritis discomfort relief
  • Decrease in obesity
  • Improved response to sugar consumption
  • Helps soothe Parkinson’s tremors
  • Relief for those suffering PTSD
  • Elimination of nightmares that can lead to further mental health issues
  • Reduction of pain and nausea associated with chemotherapy
  • Assistance with reducing alcohol dependency
  • Reduction in the amount of opioid overdose deaths
In addition, preliminary research has been done and proved promising in medical marijuana’s ability to protect the brain after stroke and from concussions and trauma. The medical advantages seem endless and we are confident continued research will only show additional ways medical marijuana can help patients. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered on his 2015 campaign promise to legalize marijuana in Canada. As a dispensary in Canada, we are thrilled with the Senate’s decision to pass Bill C-45 “The Cannabis Act.” We look forward to continued years of service as we help patients from all areas of Canada get the marijuana they need when they need it! And we thank our political leaders for their work to follow-through on this great advance for our country!]]>

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