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Cannabis Tinctures: Everything You Need To Know

There are many ways to consume cannabis. If you’re looking for CBD hemp oil in Canada and one of the cleanest and most user-friendly ways to medicate, then cannabis tinctures may be for you.

Here we fill you in on what they are, how to use them, and the benefits they offer.

What is a Cannabis Tincture?

Tinctures come in small glass bottles with a dropper that offers precise dosing.Cannabis tinctures are essentially a form of edible contained in an alcohol solution and come in a wide variety of blends. Some contain purely THC or CBD, while others contain the complete spectrum of the original plant compounds, including minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

The cannabinoids like THC present in a tincture are in decarboxylated form. This process converts the acid form of the cannabinoid to the active form. Without this step, the effects of THC are much less intense and more unpredictable. As a readily available source of cannabinoids, tinctures are highly bioavailable when ingested.

Patients use tinctures in a variety of ways, and generally apply the oil sublingually, orally, or add it to an edible recipe for cooking. Sublingual administration results in the fastest onset time, often in the range of mere minutes, and allows patients to quickly find their dose. When consumed orally, the onset time is greater and may take over an hour to come on.

Types of Cannabis Tinctures: THC vs CBD

Cannabis tinctures come in a variety of compositions, something that allows you to select a blend that will work best for the condition you wish to treat.

Most cannabis tinctures contain THC, CBD or a blend of both. CBD hemp oil in Canada is particularly common, and these CBD tinctures offer potent medicinal benefits without the intoxication associated with THC. For many patients, the real therapeutic benefits of cannabis unlock when patients combine CBD with THC and the associated plant profile of minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

Many tinctures offer specific ratios of THC to CBD, ranging from 1:1 to 10:1 and beyond in both directions. Those with much higher CBD content tend to help relieve depression, anxiety, seizures, and spasms. Those high in THC are often more popular in recreational circles, but the high THC content also helps with conditions such as migraines, insomnia, nausea, pain relief, and stress management.

How to Use Cannabis Tinctures

There are three ways you can use a cannabis tincture: sublingually, orally, or by adding it to food or a beverage.

Sublingual Administration of a Cannabis Tincture

For those who want an immediate onset, sublingual administration is by far and away the best option. By placing the solution under your tongue, the cannabinoids are absorbed through the mucosal membrane directly into the bloodstream. Simply leave the solution there for one minute before swallowing to medicate effectively.

Oral Administration of a Cannabis Tincture

If you’re looking for a minimal fuss way to medicate, then simply squirt the desired dose into your mouth and swallow. While this method is quick and easy, it means that the active compounds must navigate the digestive system. This takes time, and orally ingested tinctures have an onset time that’s close to that of a standard edible.

Adding a Cannabis Tincture to Food or a Beverage

The beauty of cannabis tinctures is that they are already in their active form and that by adding them to food or a beverage, you can obtain the benefits without any expensive equipment or burning of plant material.

When consumed in food or drink, the onset time will be identical to that of a standard edible, varying between thirty minutes and two hours depending on how much food is in your stomach at the time of ingestion.

The Advantages of Tinctures

Tinctures offer several advantages to patients when compared to other forms of cannabis.

  1. As a discreet and odourless extract, you can medicate just about anywhere without fear of offending anyone if you find yourself in a place where it’s inappropriate to consume cannabis. Tinctures generally come in a tinted glass bottle and look just like any health supplement or medicine
  2. Thanks to the dropper, tinctures provide you with the means to dose precisely. You can easily hone your ideal dose by starting slow and working up until you feel the desired effects. This will enable you to obtain the same results each and every time with no guesswork.
  3. Tinctures contain fewer calories than you might find in most forms of edible cannabis or cannabis-infused beverages. The inclusion of sugar in cannabis products can mean that while many of these snacks offer medicinal benefits, they also come with a surprising calorie count.
  4. The onset time for tinctures is almost immediate with sublingual administration. This allows patients to evaluate the effects quickly before deciding if they need more. Sublingual administration also ensures improved absorption and helps negate the inefficiencies of the digestive system.
  5. Cannabis tinctures provide a clean method of administration. If you’re concerned about inhaling carcinogenic compounds from smoking flower or dabbing concentrates, then tinctures may well be the ideal form of cannabis for you.
  6. If you’re chasing maximum medicinal benefit, then full-spectrum extracts that preserve the entire range of plant compounds can enhance the therapeutic effect. Combustion and vaping of cannabis products can result in the loss of some cannabinoids and terpenes and thus lessen the medicinal properties.

One Hit Wonder

Cannabis tinctures are discreet, potent, and clean. They offer patients all the benefits of this miracle plant without having to smoke or vape it. They offer a potency that’s unmatched by flower and precise dosing that enables medicinal patients to reliably treat a condition for consistent and repeatable results.

At BC Medi Chronic, we stock a wide range of tinctures. Whether you want a high-quality CBD hemp oil in Canada, a high-THC blend, or a tincture for your pet, we’ve got it all. Available in different ratios with each suited to treating a wide range of conditions, we’ve got all your tincture needs covered.

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