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Does Marijuana Have an Expiry Date?

Small Changes That Spell a Difference

But what if you do not remember when you were able to buy weed online New Brunswick, or you are using some that was only handed down to you? Even without knowing where the one-year mark is, there are still some indicators that you can turn to so you will be better able to gauge your stash’ quality.
One of the these is the tell-all smell of your dried pot flowers. Also known as a “skunky” smell, these emanate from compounds in the cannabis that are called terpenes. Not being able to detect the skunky smell often translates into the marijuana being in an advanced stage of degradation. Another thing that this lack of skunky smell can tell you is that the particular marijuana in question was not properly stored. Terpenes degradation happens slowly over time, which is marked by a change in its smell. This is pretty much the same way one can tell whether an herb or plant for cooking – such as fresh basil or rosemary – is losing its flavor, because when you take a whiff of it you will be able to note that the smell is miles away from the lushly aromatic one it had when it was freshly picked.
A few more years down the line, other indicators of marijuana degrading in quality is made apparent – this time in how it looks. After around five years, the dried pot flower that you purchased from an online dispensary New Brunswick will change its color from green to brown. This indicates that the chlorophyll – the component that is responsible for giving plants its green hue – is already evaporating.

Loss of Efficacy

Having said all that, cannabis researchers will agree with the government when they say that dried pot really does expire. In this case, the expiration status means its medical components undergo a change for the worse over time when the dried pot flower degrades. This makes the product a whole lot more different from how it was on the day you first purchased it at an online dispensary New Brunswick.
Cannabis researchers also note that this is why legalization of recreational marijuana is very important, as it will require cannabis products manufacturers to indicate the potency of their products, exactly what constituents are in it, and whether it not those will change over time. As chemical components of dried pot flowers really do degrade and change over time, it is important for consumers to know what they are getting and up to when they can expect its potency to remain. Anything after that, then the product can already be considered as ‘expired’ since it will not be able to deliver the expected output.

Storage Suggestions

While the matter of expiration has been made apparent, it is also good to note that your cannabis products will not turn dangerous over time – it simply just won’t be what it once was when first purchased. Going back to THC, this compound that is responsible for many of marijuana’s health benefits will degrade over time, along with the ‘buzz’ that many users look forward to, if you are not able to store it properly.
To keep this from happening sooner, it is always important to keep your stash in air-tight containers and leave it in a dark cabinet, preventing light from seeping in and further degrading THC. It’s important to note though that even if you properly store dried cannabis, the cannabinoids will still break down as well as undergo changes over time. While it is still difficult to characterize the actual length of time for cannabis properties to undergo changes, it is usually within just a couple of months. Stretch that out to a year, and you will really smell and see substantial changes in your stash.
Many users tend to keep their marijuana inside their freezer or refrigerator in an attempt to keep the natural smell for much longer. This practice is a no-no for cannabis experts though, as the trichomes (crystal-like hair found on the flowers and its leaves which produce terpenes and cannabinoids) can freeze then fall off easily. Putting them in the freezer or refrigerator will reduce its quality, so the best place really is in a cool and dry place that is not within the reach of pets and children.
With cannabis oils that you can purchase from a dispensary in New Brunswick, expiration is a serious matter and you shouldn’t use it past the date. In oil form, it is considered a food product because it will eventually become rancid when stored for a very long time. The ‘best before’ date for cannabis oils is about one year.
If you’re a user or medical marijuana, it really does pay to know when your stash will maintain its best quality for consumption so you can be assured that you are getting the benefits that you paid for!]]>

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