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Enhanced Sports Performance with Medical Marijuana

Think back to the days before marijuana started to become legal. What picture do you paint of someone who uses marijuana on a regular basis? Chances are you just imagined someone who is lazy, still in their pajamas, sitting at home. You may have envisioned someone watching TV and snacking. This is the typical picture most people would have painted when they thought about marijuana users 10+ years ago. But, for most, that image has changed.
As more and more states and countries legalize marijuana, the image of a typical user has changed. Countless medical uses for the drug have been backed by scientific evidence to show its effectiveness. Today, the typical marijuana user is likely the productive business person juggling family life, work, extracurricular activities, and successfully battling a chronic medical condition than the lazy couch potato of years ago. So, it may come as no surprise that the sports industry has unlocked the benefits of medical marijuana in player performance.

Enhanced Sports Performance with Medical Marijuana

The introduction of CBD oil has opened the door to a world of possibilities for medical marijuana uses. The ability to choose what cannabinoids of the drug you use, separating THC from other cannabinoids, has completely transformed the medical marijuana industry. That’s where enhanced sports performance with medical marijuana comes into play.
As a leading dispensary in Canada, we’ve watched the excitement build around marijuana use and the sports industry. Studies show that those individuals who consume marijuana in close proximity to working out can get a much needed boost in performance. During exercise, THC stored in fat cells slowly releases. The slow release of THC into the system during exercise easily mimicks a “runner’s high.” Enhanced sports performance with medical marijuana use comes from the mental and physical boost of cannabinoids.

There’s no doubt the use of marijuana in professional sports will be a touchy debate for many years. But, the positive effects of marijuana use to enhance sports performance can include:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Clearer focus
  • Boost in energy
  • Increased stamina
  • Reduction of stress

So, the benefits may be enough to start a trend in the industry. As more and more scientific evidence hits the market, you might medical marijuana make its true debut in the sports industry.

Benefits of Performance Enhancing Drugs

In general, performance enhancing drugs fall into one of two categories: performance aid and recovery aid. Performance aid drugs increase an athlete’s abilities while they are competing, training, or working out. Recovery aid drugs help the healing process after the workout or performance is complete. This is where the different strains of medical marijuana make a difference.
Sativa strains give the boost of energy or lift that will enhance performance and stimulate the player to deliver better results. Indica strains work better for recovery aid. This strain is more relaxing, giving players the somewhat sedating release to allow their body to heal from the impact.
Regardless of whether you need enhanced sports performance with medical marijuana or recovery aid, the benefits of the drug have transformed the sports industry. Power lifters and exercise junkies everywhere are beginning to notice the benefits of cannabis in sports performance. With the right strain, you can get the extra power you need to crush the competition and the added support you need to overcome injuries or fatigue.

Enhanced sports performance with medical marijuana is a fairly new trend we have just started to see. Although many may refrain from vocalizing the popularity of its use in sports performance, it is a common practice. As an online dispensary in Canada, we have seen countless users take advantage of the drug for these purposes.
We have no doubt that the marijuana industry will change as we continue to lift the dated stigma of marijuana use. Its use will one day be acceptable on many platforms across many industries. Sports professionals across the world will take advantage of the uses of marijuana once its effectiveness is proven. After all, who wouldn’t want a clearer mind and a boost of energy to help you perform to your true potential.]]>

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