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Better Sleep With Online Dispensary Saskatoon

Cannabis as a non-toxic and herbal alternative to painkillers and other addictive substances has slowly and steadily gained advocates in the last couple of years, especially with the promise of accelerated recreational cannabis laws. Clinical studies that looked into the cannabis-based alternatives available from places like an online dispensary Saskatoon or BC Medi Chronic have consistent results that indicate improvements in sleep. In fact, the data on the efficacy of marijuana products from a dispensary in Saskatoon are too significant that they’re already becoming difficult to ignore.

Reservations on Cannabis as Alternatives

Of course, not everyone will be on board with using cannabis products from BC Medi Chronic as an alternative to promote better sleep – especially professionals from the medical field. Many of their concerns come from the need to have more clinical research results to show that cannabis really does work. Another is because of lack of information on proper usage and dosage. There have been cases wherein patients who lack experience in using cannabis products that can be bought from an online dispensary Saskatoon wound up in hospital emergency rooms due to heightened anxiety, accelerated heartbeats or even hallucinations from taking more than the required dosage.
Still, many are confident in saying that cannabis has great potential and that research is still in its early stages – which is why full recommendations from the entire medical community has not yet passed.
The key research point is centered around deficiencies of our body’s nerves which bring about medical conditions like fibromyalgia, IBS, migraines, and more. Called the endocannabinoid system, this part of our body makes its own source of endogenous and cannabis-like chemicals which can activate it. The interesting part is that cannabinoids found in cannabis is just as effective in triggering it. As such, cannabis products that you can buy from BC Medi Chronic or any other dispensary in Saskatoon will have then same plant-based components that can correct those deficiencies in the body.

What Better Time Than Now?

It seems very timely that this burgeoning research on cannabis as a sleep disorder alternative is coming out, what with over 50 million people suffering from all sorts of sleep disorders like narcolepsy, sleep apnea, sleep deprivation, snoring, insomnia, and the like. Data from 2013 indicates that 1 in 6 individuals fill out psychiatric drug prescriptions in order to address their condition. Over 8 in 10 individuals report long-term use of these drugs, even though serious side effects are what awaits them many years down the line.
Some of these side effects include, on the lighter side, sleep walking and amnesia. On the more serious side, the possibility of developing tolerance to the drugs causing them to increase doses is high – which can result in death through overdosing.
Meanwhile, you have a medicinal plant like cannabis that has been used for several thousand years to address so many conditions, including that of sleep problems. Through research, it was discovered that th4 best type of cannabis that you can get from BC Medi Chronic is the indica, which is recommended for sleep (the other kind, sativa, has stimulating qualities). Significant studies on Sativex, which is a synthetic cannabis medication that includes CBD and THC in equal quantities has shown that almost half of the 2,000 patients it was administered to (all with varying health conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, MS, etc.) attest to very good quality of sleep while under the medication, sans dosage increases or developing a higher tolerance for it.
The challenge now is to address the so-called dearth in research surrounding the effectiveness of cannabis as a sleep alternative to finally convince the majority of the medical community and spur them to fully recommend it as a safer option.

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