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Love Cannabis Products? Here Are the Top 5 Most Popular

  • Cannabis in Chocolate Form. Edibles will always be popular, but some more so than others. One of the best examples that people have been snapping up in many a dispensary in Alberta is cannabis chocolates. This particular form has a higher potency compared to other forms, while at the same time allowing you to get your snack on. Cannabis chocolates that are popular means of getting your legal medicine is in chocolate bar form, weed brownie, and even cookies. Marketing cannabis chocolates is somewhat targeted to those who are looking for a refined alternative to the usual practice of having to buy weed online in Alberta and then smoking it. Simply put, buying a bar or two of cannabis chocolates from a dispensary in Alberta certainly gives a person some fancy feels!
  • Cannabis-infused beauty and skin care products. While many people already buy weed online in Alberta, there are some marijuana-based products that are especially designed to target a niche group. With cannabis-infused beauty and skin care products, the target is suburban women, among others. This isn’t just a marketing tactic, though – because CBD does have anti-inflammatory properties that can help combat acne, deliver some form of pain relief, hydration, and even a relaxed and euphoric feeling. You might think that you can only get this from an online dispensary Alberta, but it’s actually more prevalent than that as these types of beauty and skin care products have already found their way in many large online beauty retailers!
  • Dog treats with cannabis. Even your good ‘ol dog gets to benefit from the wonders of cannabis – and in a form that is actually safe for him! While it’s never good to give your pet dog a weed brownie you scored at a dispensary in Alberta, you can certainly reward him with some CBD and hemp products formulated for pets. Take note though that vets and scientists have yet to actively prescribe these for your pets. However, the claims are really worth noting: that CBD can help pets manage illnesses like cancer, osteoporosis, anxiety, joint pain, and epilepsy. The good news is that cannabidiol and hemp have not demonstrated any sort of extraordinary risk when ingested or applied on dogs. Some safe options include hemp dog treats that come in different flavors, tinctures, and other edible doggie treats.
  • Cannabis drinks. While it’s not yet exactly mainstream to order a few packs of cannabis beverages the way you would casually buy weed online in Alberta, it’s a novel concept that is fast-gaining interest among marijuana fans and followers. Cannabis-infused cocktails are still in their infancy stage, but their presence is slowly being felt in a few bars lately. Other interesting cannabis drinks include fruit punches, cannabis colas, and cannabis coffees – with the latter a popular drink in big cities like New York to help calm yourself down after experiencing the jitters of a caffeinated coffee. And of course, you have cannabis beer, which has demonstrated to have very interesting prospects because of the various tastes and aromas courtesy of terpenes present in cannabis. Even non-alcoholic beers are said to be developing variants that have cannabis as an ingredient – perfect for those who would like to be part of the trend while staying away from the buzz.
  • Cannabis oil. And finally, this admittedly large category places first due to its popularity in many an online dispensary Alberta and beyond. Cannabis oil is very versatile and can be used in a number of ways, which is great if you are looking to make things more interesting as you buy weed online in Alberta. The beauty about cannabis oil is that it is very low in THC, which means you get to enjoy the benefits without any of the psychoactive reactions. Cannabis oils are used for conditions like pain, nausea and anxiety, and taking it will give users the much-needed relief. Epilepsy, in particular, has a very strong supporter base for cannabis oil which has demonstrated its capability to treat even its rarest forms.
    These cannabis products are certainly very interesting, especially if you’ve tried one or two from the list and are looking to check out the rest! It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the expiry dates too, we wrote a great piece about this topic in this article “Does Marijuana Have an Expiry Date?“. The great thing about the upcoming legalization is that you can expect these product categories to widen as they develop new and even more interesting products for an excited and fast-growing clientele!]]>

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