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Located in the northernmost area of North America, Edmonton has a population of over a million. It is the second biggest city in Alberta, after Calgary. The middle of the city spans the North Saskatchewan River, which includes a vast park land for walking, hiking, and picnicking. Walk along Whyte Avenue for a taste of the colourful culture this city has on offer.

Economics in Edmonton

Edmonton is a major economic centre for central and northern Alberta. It is also a hub for the gas and oil industry. In fact, the city was dubbed as the “Oil Capital of Canada” during the 1940s. The city’s economic activity is centered on tourism, agriculture and the petroleum industry. Alberta has a huge hold on the oil industry of the country, with its reserves estimated to be second to that of Saudi Arabia.

Medical Marijuana in Edmonton

The city has a thriving cultural scene, which includes theatres, concert halls, live music venues and galleries. Aside from this cultural scene, Edmonton’s openness to culture and diversity means it’s open to medical cannabis as well. There are lots of online weed dispensaries that serve Edmonton, one of which is  BC Medi Chronic, which carries a wide range of medical cannabis products and accessories.

Benefits of Medical Cannabis

For centuries, cannabis has been used for a wide range of medical conditions and symptoms. It was only recently that studies are being done on this wonder plant. To date, cannabis has shown to relieve pain, anxiety, nausea and inflammation, and greatly help in the management of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy.

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