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For the highest quality cannabis products, BC Medi Chronic has it. Browse through our extensive selection of medical marijuana products and supplies. From flowers and concentrates to extracts and accessories, we guarantee your utmost satisfaction. 

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Human brain over black background. 3D illustration

Essential role of cannabinoid receptors in the human brain.

When you consume cannabis, do you consider the impact it has on your body and your mind? This all-natural ancient …

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Professional researchers working in a hemp field, they are checking plants, alternative medicine and cannabis concept

Know the types of medical marijuanas

Most people have heard of smoking weed, but did you know you can also vaporize, eat, or apply it in a cream? There are dozens of ways to enjoy medical cannabis these days— it is not just joints and brownies. The sheer number of choices, literally thousands of products

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Hand holding marijuana leaf ( Cannabis sativa indica )

Why should medical cannabis be legalized?

There has been a significant amount of controversy in recent years over the legalization of cannabis. Some countries and states …

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Peaceful senior man meditating seated ooutdoor under the tree. Concept of mental health

Find out the mental health benefits of cannabis

Have you ever wondered about the mental health benefits of cannabis? There are literally thousands of medical cannabis products lining the shelves, and all touted as beneficial for various illnesses.

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Enhanced Sports Performance with Medical Marijuana

Enhanced sports performance with medical marijuana is something that most professionals in the sports industry probably never thought they’d hear. For decades, marijuana use was typically linked to a decrease

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Cannabis Treatment for Insomnia

Cannabis treatment for insomnia is a huge step forward for the millions of people living with this common sleep disorder. Studies show that around 1 in 3 people have at least a mild form of insomnia.

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CBD Oil Opens the Door to New Medical Possibilities

The Basics of CBD Oil Within the cannabis plant, there are chemical compounds called cannabinoids. While cannabinoids make for more than 60 chemical compounds, cannabidiol holds great medicinal powers. Cannabinoids

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Online Dispensary in Quebec Supports Research in Use of Medical Marijuana to Fight Opioid Epidemic

As a leading online dispensary in Quebec, BC Medi Chronic is dedicated to staying on top of the latest advances in medical marijuana. Some of the newly developed research shows that CBD might be successful

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Canada Legalizes Marijuana with Senate Bill C-45

As a popular dispensary in Canada, we are thrilled with the passing of Senate Bill C-45. We are now the second country in the world to legalize marijuana nationwide. On June 19th, 2018, Canada’s Senate voted in favor of marijuana legalization with a 56-30 majority vote.

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Marijuana Friendly Recipes from Your Dispensary in Nova Scotia

Edibles are gaining popularity as medical marijuana becomes legalized all over the world.  With the recent legalization of marijuana in Canada, we’ve got reason to celebrate! As a leading dispensary in Nova Scotia, we supply all types of medicinal cannabis products to our patients.

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16 Healthy Snacks for When You Get the Munchies

There’s so much excitement in Canada because of the eventual legalization of recreational marijuana these days. If you’re one of many who can’t wait to shop to your heart’s content at a dispensary in Manitoba or a dispensary in New Brunswick, it may truly feel like you’re living in really great times.

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Senate to Vote on Weed Legalization This Week

It’s going to be an exciting week in Canada because the Senate is finally going to make a vote on the much-awaited Cannabis Act. This week’s news comes after a year and two months’ worth of discussions, debates, and the back and forth passing and defeating of amendments.

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Love Cannabis Products? Here Are the Top 5 Most Popular

As we inch closer and closer to cannabis’ legalization, it’s no wonder that there seems to be more chatter about how you can buy weed online in Alberta – all sorts of forms and shapes. Apart from the usual herb, other cannabis products available at an online dispensary

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Best Marijuana Stocks for Investment in Canada

Thinking about investing in more stocks? One great thing to add to your portfolio is stocks in marijuana. The best marijuana stocks 2018 have seen an unprecedented rise, what with a greater scope of acceptance and legislation moving forward.

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Does Marijuana Have an Expiry Date?

Last month, the Canadian government recommended that legally sold marijuana should come in a plain packaging with the following written requirements: necessary warnings and additional information about that particular strain, as well as an expiry date.

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Better Sleep With Online Dispensary Saskatoon

Suffering from conditions that prevent you from getting good quality sleep? You’re not alone. With so many people suffering from an entire gamut of conditions that keep them from sleeping the hours they need,

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Rules: Buying from a Dispensary in Saskatoon, Etc.

Excited over the upcoming legalization of recreational marijuana later this year? Before you start crafting that mile-long list of cannabis products that you want to buy from BC Medi Chronic or any other dispensary in Saskatoon,

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Top 10 Reasons to Regularly Smoke Medical Marijuana

If you have a condition that requires you to purchase medical weed online for regular use, you’re in luck. Not only do you have something that greatly helps your condition but also comes with a host of other great benefits as well.

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Will Medical Marijuana Work for You? Pros and Cons

One of the things that people with chronic pain and illnesses often seek out are alternative means to the conventional medication commonly used to treat their condition. This is because many times, the conventional medical prescriptions

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The Cannabis Business: A Billion Dollar Industry?

If you are a fan of medical marijuana online and happen to live in Canada, what a time to be alive! There’s so much buzz going on about Canada soon being able to finally legalize the use of recreational marijuana

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Medical Marijuana Legalization: Will Supply Meet Demand?

While medical marijuana in Canada has been enjoying legalization benefits for practically two decades now, one of the things that is set to make really big difference is the upcoming legalization for recreational use. In the past,

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Great Changes to Canada’s Medical Marijuana Program

One of the things that Canada can certainly be proud to call innovative and ahead of its times is in making canada’s medical marijuana legal as early as 2001. In those times, such a thing was certainly debatable but the country

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Cannabis Dispensary Branding: Why It’s Important

While cannabis and medical marijuana in Canada have long been in the market for many decades, it was only in the past decade or so when suppliers and cannabis dispensaries like BC Medi Chronic placed a primer on branding.

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