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What are Cannabis Concentrates?

Diverse and potent, cannabis concentrates are available in many different types. In fact, with every passing year, it seems like a new kind of concentrate is being released. From oils to kief to shatter, it can be overwhelming to try each one of them, as well as determine how to properly use them. Concentrates are extracted from the cannabis plant, making them more potent than the flower alone.

What are the Benefits of Cannabis Concentrates?

Concentrates provide numerous benefits, and consumers should think about trying them out and enjoying what it can do to the body. Perhaps its biggest advantage is that they are more potent than the regular flower, and gives an almost desired effect. Concentrates are also available in various smells and flavors, giving you endless possibilities on how to enjoy your concentrates.

Kinds of Cannabis Concentrates at BC Medi Chronic

Just as there are many kinds of marijuana, there are also many kinds of concentrates. This ranges from the strain used, the form it is in, and how it was made. Some of the most popular forms of concentrates are the glass-like shatter, the sticky wax, the sappy rosin, the disc-like hash, and the common oil concentrates, which are commonly used as an ingredient in making edibles.

Buying Cannabis Concentrates at BC Medi Chronic

Whether you opt to go with oil, shatter or any of the other available concentrates in the BC Medi Chronic store, you will not be disappointed with the effects. Choosing the right one depends on the type of effect that you are looking for, and any cannabis expert can help you find the right strain to match your desired outcome. For your concentrate needs, take your pick from our list of products.

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