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What are Cannabis Extracts?

Cannabis extracts is an umbrella term for products produced when cannabis flower is processed into a concentrated form. These concentrated products can come in liquid or solid form, and are either inhaled or ingested. The process of making extracts primarily requires the isolation of the cannabinoids and terpenes, which are then further processed depending on the desired finished product.

What are the Benefits of Cannabis Extract?

Those who are not big fans of smoking or getting high will find cannabis extracts helpful. Extracts have so much more uses than smoking flower. In fact, we are just starting to see the benefits of controlling cannabis’ individual compounds. For instance, CBD can be used for sleeping, while THC offer pain relief. Extracts offer more precise dosing and molecule isolation to get the desired specific effect.

Kinds of Cannabis Extract at BC Medi Chronic

Cannabis extracts are available in various forms based on the processe using during its extraction. There is the kief, the simplest of all concentrates; dry sieve, which is the refined version of the kief; hash, a staple in cannabis culture; butane hash oil, which uses butane as the main solvent; Rick Simpson oil that can be taken orally or topically; and rosin, which has a simple and affordable extraction process.

Buying Cannabis Extract at BC Medi Chronic

Extracts might have concentrations of the good things found in cannabis, but it can also contain bad things like pesticides and other contaminants. Also, some forms can harbor fungus, mold and mildew. Thus, it is important to only purchase cannabis extracts from trusted sources like BC Medi Chronic. Before buying a product, read the label so you know how much CBD or THC it contains.

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