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What is a Cannabis Flower?

The flower is a general term that refers to the smokable part of the cannabis plant. This is the most popular form of cannabis because of its versatility. It offers various consumption methods, like rolling in a blunt or joint, or smoking with a bong or pipe. The cannabis flower is the most natural form of the whole plant medicine found in cannabis and gives a very efficacious experience.

What are the Benefits of a Cannabis Flower?

Smoking flower is one of the most popular methods of consuming cannabis. Its effects are almost immediate, as the impact can be felt in as quick as 30 minutes. This usually dissipates in one to three hours. Depending on the kind of strain used, the effects of smoking cannabis flower varies. Cannabis containing CBD impacts the brain, making it function better. Those with THC, on the other hand, has pain-relieving properties.

Kinds of Cannabis Flower at BC Medi Chronic

There are three basic strains of cannabis flower. The first one is sativa. It has a higher THC compound and works well in addressing the symptoms of fatigue, depression, ADHD and mood disorders. Indica is another strain, which has great healing qualities land helps with pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, and anxiety. The third strain is called hybrid, which are made by combining sativa and indica strains to create a whole new one.

Buying Cannabis Flower at BC Medi Chronic

Here at BC Medi Chronic, we guarantee that our cannabis flowers are top-shelf quality. We make sure that the cannabis plants get attentive care and careful harvesting. When it comes to producing top-shelf cannabis, we focus on quality instead of quantity. Choose from our variety of flower products, including sativa, indica and hybrid strains, and enjoy all the excellent benefits cannabis has to offer.

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