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Chemdawg OG

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Chemdawg OG, a sativa-dominant hybrid, is the combination of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, which instantly makes it a crowd favourite among cannabis connoisseurs. The THC content average around 19% and consists of medium to large sized buds.


This strain provides an instant rush of cerebral energy that can immediately take over the mind. There is a slight increase in creativity and euphoric feeling that will spread throughout the user.

Medical Effects

Reported by the online medical marijuana community, Chemdawg OG is known to relax the mind and free it from negative thoughts, while at the same time leaving the body heavy and pain-free. This is a great strain for battling depression, anxiety and stress too.


1G, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

3 reviews for Chemdawg OG

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Strong hashy smell. Cant really speak for the taste too much. I rolled up a one gram monster in a flavored Canna hemp wrap so I mostly tasted that. Was not bad at all though. Probably didnt need to do that. 🙂 Was stoned but not couch locked for about 90 mins.

  2. Anonymous

    For a AAAA product I wasn’t happy with it. I got quite a few small buds and the big bud I received had grown weird with lots of small stems. Was a little dry for my liking. Smelled decent and got me stoned and was totally smokeable, just not a AAAA. Customer service is always top notch.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    nice stinky buds, good high, but i think maybe not my preference. not too familiar with strain but noticed a head punch on toking, followed by a body buzz. after a few hours i’m toking regular little hits to keep the head high bumping. the mellow body part lingers in light waves, a good platform for combos. biggest drawback was a bit of harshness on the smoke and an okay taste, but i use a pipe. on that point, this is a great weed for bong rips. smoking lots is fun because the lingering body buzz stacks as well. nice overall, but more indica for me next time. is there a chemcat strain?

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Cannabis has both medicinal and recreational benefits. Medicinally it is most famous for relieving pain, stress, and insomnia. It may also improve mood and appetite. Every strain has a unique cannabinoid and terpene profile, which leads to distinctive therapeutic value and experiential effects. For those looking for a recreational experience, look for strains with THC — the only known cannabinoid with psychotropic effects.










Sativas: Big, Bold, and Bright

Sativa strains originated in hot, humid, and tropical climates. These environments created a massive plant that thrived under dense jungle canopy and sweltering conditions. The tropical roots of sativa strains tend to come out in sweet and fruity notes, like citrus, orange, and pineapple. We now associate sativas with a bright, vibrant, and social experience, but every strain is different. These bold tropical strains are perfect for therapeutic relief during the day and recreational relaxation in social situations.

What to Expect with a Sativa

Some of the most popular OG strains come from strong sativa lineages. The cheeses, hazes, and skunks you love for medicinal relief all come from powerful sativa roots. On the surface, pure sativa flowers look bigger and fluffier than their indica cousins. Aromatically, with sativa strains, you can expect a punchy, fruit cocktail, like citrus and berry blends. But what does a sativa feel like? Generally speaking, sativas stimulate more than sedate. They uplift, help socialize, and boost creativity.

The Medicinal Value of Sativas

All strains have unique medicinal and experiential qualities, depending on their cannabinoid and terpene profile. But, sativas generally create stimulating effects rather than sleepy ones. Which means they offer therapeutic relief perfectly suited to day time use. For any patients seeking to take their medicine from night time to day time use, sativas are an excellent option.

Dedicated to Premium Flower

Whether you prefer sativas, indicas, or hybrids, CBD Medi Chronic only sources premium strains from trusted suppliers. That means big beautiful buds, sticky with the medicinal value you are looking for. Our selections come from experienced cultivators with a passion for growing good flowers.