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Elite Elevation Live Resin Diamonds HCFSE

(5 customer reviews)

$50.00 $45.00

  • 24 Karat
  • Gelato
  • El Jefe
  • White Death
  • Grease Monkey
  • Red Congo
  • Blue Dream
  • Alaskan Thunder Fuck
  • Purple Space Cookies
  • Godfather OG
  • Sunset Sherbert
  • Green Skittles
  • Jet Fuel
  • Lemon Meringue
  • Pink Starburst
  • Wizard Stones
  • Death Tuna
  • Agent Orange
  • Grape Ape
  • Juicy Fruit
  • Cat Piss
  • Lemon Skunk
  • Trainwreck
  • 9lb Hammer
  • Hawaiian Snow
  • Tangerine Dream
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Wedding Cake
  • Mike Tyson
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Incredible Hulk
  • Thin Mint Cookies
  • GG#4

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At Elite Elevation, diamond concentrate mining has become second nature for us. Furthermore, THCA Diamonds are the purest and most potent form of THC and we offer a premium variety with or without our Terpene Sauce (HTFSE). Also, always made from the finest quality flowers.

HCFSE (High-cannabinoid full spectrum extract) Diamonds are an amazing cannabis extraction  mixing with hydrocarbon solvent: Propane/Isobutane/N-Butane.



24 Karat, Gelato, El Jefe, White Death, Grease Monkey, Red Congo, Blue Dream, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Purple Space Cookies, Godfather OG, Sunset Sherbert, Green Skittles, Jet Fuel, Lemon Meringue, Pink Starburst, Wizard Stones, Death Tuna, Agent Orange, Grape Ape, Juicy Fruit, Cat Piss, Lemon Skunk, Trainwreck, 9lb Hammer, Hawaiian Snow, Tangerine Dream, Strawberry Cheesecake, Wedding Cake, Mike Tyson, Strawberry Banana, Incredible Hulk, Thin Mint Cookies, GG#4

5 reviews for Elite Elevation Live Resin Diamonds HCFSE

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great value, I tried the 24k and it has a creamy sweet taste, nice strain effects, dry crumbly texture, would repurchase and other strains

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Tried the Godfather Og, did not have as much taste as the 24k, & prefer another brands shatter in this strain.
    But for the value will continue to buy have my eye on a few more strains to try, Great service as always.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Everything, taste/value/medication worth. I thought I loved the flower, then I found Diamonds, and left dat bitch in the back room for just in cases 😛 Fek the ladies, Diamonds are for ME too!! lmao
    In all seriousness though, Elite Elivation products of all types so far have not let me down at all. So far the Alaskan Thunderfuck is the BEST tasting I have tried, a def Must Try company for anyone that enjoys a great flavored medication hit as I do, Reallly helps with pains of all types 😀

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed these got bundle deal, Theres no kind i dislike would rate Wizzard Stones #1 They were clear said 99% THCA #2 Jet Fuel Tasted and smells to me like toffee! Red Congo and Agent orange are tied both proper and tasty! More on the way!

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I think by now I have tried every strain except Cat Piss. By far my favorite is Green Skittles. Blue Dream and Godfather OG are close seconds. Most have a dry texture and will crumble into small pieces. Others, like agent orange, break apart like little ice crystals. Green Skittles has little bit of a stickier texture and wont crumble apart. Very easy to work with. They all hit hard, fast and last for hours.

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