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Elite Elevation Live Resin Diamonds HCFSE



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At Elite Elevation, diamond concentrate mining has become second nature for us. Furthermore, THCA Diamonds are the purest and most potent form of THC and we offer a premium variety with or without our Terpene Sauce (HTFSE). Also, always made from the finest quality flowers.

HCFSE (High-cannabinoid full spectrum extract) Diamonds are an amazing cannabis extraction  mixing with hydrocarbon solvent: Propane/Isobutane/N-Butane.


24 Karat, Gelato, El Jefe, White Death, Grease Monkey, Red Congo, Blue Dream, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Purple Space Cookies, Godfather OG, Sunset Sherbert, Green Skittles, Jet Fuel, Lemon Meringue, Pink Starburst


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