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THC Gummy Edibles by Mystic Medibles

(10 customer reviews)


  • Watermelon Sours
  • Grape Shocks
  • Mystic Gummy Bears
  • Cola Blasts
  • Sour Keys
  • Peach Buzzys

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Mystic Medible THC Gummy Edibles

These THC Gummy edibles are a potent treat for users with a high tolerance. Also, they are made fresh with lab tested cannabis oil for consistent dosing for users. Try these out for a great couch lock high!

Six Delicious Flavours:

  1. Cola Blasts
  2. Peach Buzzys
  3. Sour Keys
  4. Watermelon Sours
  5. Grape Shocks
  6. Mystic Gummy Bears

Total THC Content per Package: 150 MG

THC Content per Candy: 25 MG

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar,  natural flavours, vegan gelatine, natural and artificial colours, citric acid, and organic cannabis infused coconut oil.

Directions: We recommend first time users to start with a 5-10 MG dose. Please allow 60-90 minutes for full effect before taking another dose.

Allergy Information:

This product may contain traces of peanuts, coconut, soy, wheat and dairy products.

** Please note that some packages will be 150mg packs **

** DISCLAIMER ** As the warm weather approaches, please order concentrates and edibles such as shatter, gummies, baked goods and chocolates at your own risk as it may melt during transit. Since we have no control over the conditions during transit or delivery, please understand that we are not responsible for melted products. We apologize for this inconvenience and we appreciate your continued support. 


10 reviews for THC Gummy Edibles by Mystic Medibles

  1. Anonymous

    I tried the watermelon sours and the peach buzzys . They were both very tasty and potent I was couch locked for a good 3 hours from a 75mg dose. I will be ordering again !

  2. Anonymous

    Those gummys from this brand are tasty and efficient. Good effect when you know how to dose.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    They were yummy and potent without a chemically taste that sometimes happens with edibles. Also they didnt over compensate with the sour, which I appreciated. I just found them extremely hard and it took awhile to eat them.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    i tried sour keys…very good and effiecient…a little to hard to chew but its alright

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    First off, these sure hit like 30mg. The flavors are good and the gummies do not have much of a strange taste. I did indeed find it a bit harder to chew but it’s not really a problem. For what they are, it’s not a bad buy and enjoyable nonetheless.

  6. Anonymous

    Tried the grape shocks. Very solid edibles. Been eating edibles for well over a year regularly. Will be ordering again!

  7. Anonymous

    Tried peach buzzys, sour keys, gummy bears and cola blasts. All tasted good with consistent effects.

  8. Anonymous

    Effective, wonderful taste, helps me relax and relieves minor pains; highly recommended product; fast order processing and shipping!

  9. Anonymous

    Helps me sleep like nothing else. I don’t wake up groggy. Tastes great! Easy to chew. Have recommended this to several friends.

  10. Anonymous

    I tried another brand of gummies and I didn’t like the after taste. This brand works well with me and it really does help. I will continue to purchase the gummies from here!

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What are Edibles?

Although smoking remains the most popular way to consume the plant, edibles are quickly catching up. The term “edible” describes cannabis-infused foods and drinks, ranging from home-made brownies to pre-packaged cannabis gummies. For patients, edibles make daily dosing easy, consistent, and delicious. The effects of edibles differ from inhaled methods because the cannabinoids travel through the digestive tract. That means a more prolonged onset, but also a longer duration. For long-lasting medicinal benefits, many patients prefer an edible experience to smoking or vaping.

Why Everyone Loves an Edible

People from all walks of life love cannabis edibles. Why? Because they are so predictable. Every serving is pre-dosed, making sure you always know the journey before taking a bite. Plus, edibles come dosed to deliver exactly the experience you are looking for, big or small. Speaking of small, if you are interested in microdosing with THC, edibles are the perfect introduction. They often contain five milligrams of THC or less, the ideal amount for microdosing. Edibles are so beloved because they are consistent, discreet, and offer a delicious alternative to inhalable products.

A Different Therapeutic Approach

Smoking or vaping cannabis delivers the medicinal cannabinoids into the respiratory system for fast absorption. Within ten minutes or less, inhaled cannabis kicks in to provide therapeutic (or recreational) benefits. Edibles, on the other hand, are slow to come on, but longer-lasting. It takes some time for edibles to travel through the digestive tract for processing within the liver. Once received by the liver, the body transforms the cannabinoids into metabolites. This process means edibles can last for six hours or more and feel much different than a smoked product (depending on the dose and the patient). It’s a difference many patients appreciate.

Why Our Edibles Are Different

At BC Medi Chronic, we source edibles from producers who care about the final product. That means our edibles are responsibly sourced, carefully extracted, and meticulously formulated. We only carry cannabis-infusions from rock-solid companies with high standards of production. From soothing CBD gummies to THC-packed candies to balanced combinations, there is an edible product for just about everyone.