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RAW Hemp/Elements Rolling Machine

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RAW Hemp/Elements Rolling Machine:

The RAW Hemp Plastic Roller is an accessory that comes rom eco-friendly German Hemp Plastic.  Also, Dr. Pohl revolutionize the hemp plastic material with the help of RAW. Furthermore,  these rollers is being made on the island of Kudus, Indonesia where the original clove cigarette factories. Also, Kudus has a long history of hand rolling because until recently all real clove cigarettes were rolled by hand!   There was nobody better to make a long lasting hand rolling machine!

Adjustable from Slim or Regular Joints

King size – 110mm



1 review for RAW Hemp/Elements Rolling Machine

  1. CharlieDee (verified owner)

    A great little tool to roll joints if you’re not comfortable rolling yourself. I had to watch a YouTube video a few times to get the hang out it, but each joint I rolled was way too tight. I’m better at rolling joints free hand anyway, but it’s a cool, cheap tool to try out.

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