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Rules: Buying from a Dispensary in Saskatoon, Etc.

Alcohol and Marijuana Cannot be Shelf Neighbors (at a Dispensary in Saskatoon and Others)

First up, it was announced that retailers who have a license for selling both cannabis and its corresponding accessories are prohibited from selling other types of products such as clothing, alcohol, food, gas, and tickets to the lottery. This rule applies to urban licensed retailers, while those in the rural areas have some exceptions with more details being developed at the moment. With this rule, it is still more efficient to simply buy weed online Saskatoon at BC Medi Chronic or another dispensary in Saskatoon.

Rules on Public Possession

If you want to buy weed online in Canada, Saskatoon through BC Medi Chronic, you need to be aware that there is a rule that the most you can possess is 30 grams of recreational cannabis if you are going to be in a public place. This rule is in line with the government’s proposal for possession limit.
If you will be driving, the cannabis you bought from a dispensary in Saskatoon should be contained in a well-sealed package. It should also not be accessible to any other person riding with you. The use of marijuana in vehicles are strictly prohibited. Individuals who are younger than 19 years are prohibited from possessing recreational marijuana in any quantity.

Using Marijuana in Public

Some rules on the use of recreational marijuana that you will be able to buy from BC Medi Chronic and other dispensaries have also been outlined. It will be permissible to smoke marijuana in public places where it is also vaping and smoking tobacco are also allowed. In areas that children frequent, smoking and vaping recreational marijuana is prohibited. This includes places like playgrounds, parks, and community beaches. Local governments’ rules on this will differ, as a number of provinces have already made announcements on the prohibition of smoking marijuana in public under any circumstances. These local governments are set to make their own individual additional restrictions, much in the same way that they did for tobacco use.

Increased Efforts on Drug-Impaired Driving

The government also announced that it will still be illegal to drive while drug-impaired, and they will be doubling down on their efforts to train law enforcement when it comes to this. In line with this, there will be a zero-tolerance policy on new drivers that have enrolled in GLP (Graduated Licensing Program) with THC presence in their systems, which is similar to the policy on alcohol.

Rules on Personal Cultivation

There will be a maximum of four cannabis plants that can be grown in one household, and these plants should not be visible to the public from off property view. Residents that are used as daycares are not allowed to cultivate non-medical marijuana, and landlords as well as strata councils will be given freedom to provide their own restrictions or prohibitions with regard to home cultivation. As for those who are leasing a property, rules regarding this are still being ironed out at the moment so no definite word has been given.

Mixed Feelings on Upcoming Policies

As expected, many people have shown mixed feelings and reactions on these policies. A good number already feel that the federal government is too slow in coming up with specific policy details given that there are only a few months left until legalization has passed. A large part of these strong reactions come from liberals, and most likely those who frequently buy weed online Saskatoon.
Still, there is a significant number of cannabis advocates that appreciate these rules – one in particular is the ban on liquor and marijuana being sold next to each other. This sector believes that the difference between alcohol and cannabis are very significant such that it is important not to make the assumption that they are simply by selling them side by side. At the same time, a number of store owners lament the lost opportunity of selling marijuana in places where alcohol is also being sold, considering that there are about 900 liquor stores in provinces that have lots of experience in controlling retail substances.
It is hoped that there will be more news and finalization on policy details regarding the use and possession of medical and non-medical marijuana in the coming weeks. With only a few months to go before legalization passes in summer, everyone will stand to benefit from the knowledge of what’s allowed and what’s not, and adjust to the rules accordingly to avoid problems.

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