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Will Medical Marijuana Work for You? Pros and Cons

The Pros of Using Medical Marijuana

  1. Marijuana has bene proven to relieve muscle spasticity, which is usually associated with paralysis and conditions such as multiple sclerosis.
  2. Marijuana is safer for treating symptoms of chronic pain such as neuropathic pain. It is a much better alternative to certain types of opioids, which are commonly used as a pain management agent. Compared to marijuana, the latter is considered to be highly addictive and is therefore not considered to be a long-term solution for chronic pain management.
  3. Certain cancers and blood illnesses often cause appetite loss, and this is where medical weed in BC comes in. Marijuana and a variety of products from medical weed online dispensaries such as BC Medi Chronic are great appetite stimulants, and can be very instrumental in stirring up a very sick person’s desire to eat so he can have his much-needed nutrition intake.
  4. Nausea and vomiting, two side effects or symptoms of chemotherapy, can be remedied with the use of pharmaceutical cannabis that can practically eradicate the symptoms of vomiting. Nausea is drastically decreased with its use, so it is a very good aid in helping one recover from the more debilitating effects of chemotherapy.
  5. Intent on smoking marijuana? Many studies indicate that smoking it exclusively (meaning no tobacco use) will not increase your likelihood for developing a host of lung diseases.
  6. Research shows that cannabis has more and more individual compounds that are proven to be beneficial to the body. Isolating certain compounds and applying more advanced treatments on them (including eliminating the high that one gets) has shown really good potential for more uses as a natural treatment.
  7. Medical weed online is widely available for people who will benefit from its medicinal value. One does not need to smoke it in order to enjoy the benefits. There are cannabis oils, topical treatments, and other products types that one can buy from online dispensaries such as BC Medi Chronic.


The Cons of Using Medical Marijuana

Despite being enthusiastic fans of marijuana products for treating a variety of illnesses, for the purpose of fairness and objectivity we will also outline a few concerns that those who are considering using it should heed. Doing so will make the decision to incorporate medical marijuana products into their routine a sounder one.

  1. Using marijuana very frequently may have an effect on one’s short-term memory. You might find yourself forgetting small details, as this may be hampered with too much marijuana use.
  2. It may also affect your cognitive abilities. Due to its nature of putting you in a relaxed state, using marijuana very frequently can also affect your thinking faculties.
  3. While there is no evidence of lung disease, smoking marijuana will still result in some damage to your lung tissue if you smoke it excessively or in the long term.
  4. With regard to smoking, marijuana can also contain some cancer-causing compounds.
  5. Despite it not being addictive in the same manner opioids, there is still a chance that some users will abuse it and thus develop an addiction to it.


The Pros Outweighs the Cons

As you will see, the pros far outnumber the cons of using medical marijuana. More importantly, these cons are usually the result of misuse of marijuana products – something that one should still be aware of. Anything used beyond moderation will always come with several risks; even water that is consumed beyond safe amounts can also be toxic to the body.
What is needed? A more responsible approach to using medical marijuana. Luckily, the majority of users that have chronic illnesses usually already follow a carefully planned dosage and administration of marijuana products for their personal ailments, as prescribed by their physicians who have recommended the use of such products. It is comforting to know that when it comes to medical marijuana – at least, in Canada – there are implements that are already in place to ensure that its distribution and use are carefully organized for everyone’s benefit, taking care to ensure that abuse is not something that will happen.

Keeping the Cons at Bay

In a few months, there should be more movement in the industry with the upcoming legalization of marijuana for recreational use. Here, we can be more concerned about ensuring that the named cons of using and abusing marijuana should not come to be, because people might get overly excited about being able to use it for their pleasure. Better monitoring, a higher regard for standardization, and other safeguards to ensure that it is distributed legally and in low-abuse quantities must be ensured by those who helped push for its legalization.]]>

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